Patriot Dental Discount Plan - Cheap Alternative to Insurance

Patriot Health offers the Patriot Plan for discounted dental services. Based out of Syosset, New York, Patriot Plans provide members with incredible discounts to participating dentists. There are no claims forms to fill out or lengthy waiting times for benefits to kick in.

Cost of a Patriot Plan for Dental Coverage

A basic discount dental Patriot Plan costs $12.88 for an individual, $15.88 for a couple or individual with children or $18.88 for a family. If you want to add vision car, add $2 for individuals or couples and $1 to the family rate.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $30 that is collected when you enroll.

Examples of Savings with a Patriot Plan Dental Discount

Discounts are offered on all services except x-rays and yearly dental exams. One yearly dental exam and set of x-rays are included free of charge.

Discounts on other dental services average 50 percent. This includes many items not typically covered by dental insurance including cosmetic procedures. Typical prices are as follows.

  • Full yearly check up, including fluoride treatments and tartar removal – Normal average price is $265, discounted price is $58.
  • Root Canal – Normal average price is $893, discounted price is $428.
  • Set of braces – Normal average price is $5,535, discounted price is $3,335.
  • Single surface resin filling – Normal average price is $144, discounted price is $61.

In addition to the dental discounts, you're already saving money with the lower monthly premium. With Delta Dental an individual pays $61.44 a month. With a Patriot Plan, you're paying $12.88 a month, that's a savings of $582.72 per year.

States Where the Patriot Plan is not Offered

While most of the United States is eligible for discounted dental through the Patriot Plan, there are three states where the discounted dental plan is not offered. They are:

  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • Vermont

Until the plan provider finds dentists willing to participate in the programs, they simply cannot offer coverage.

Whether you cannot afford dental insurance or have lost a job and cannot find suitable coverage, the discounted dental Patriot Plan is a great option.

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