Dental Discount Plans for Seniors - Cheap Insurance Alternative

Seniors face dauntingly high dental bills, however dental discount plans for seniors can save thousands of dollars. The average dental insurance plan for a couple runs upwards of $100 to $150 a month if purchased individually. This coverage may seem beneficial, but many coverages do not take effect until you've been paying premiums for a few months, and then there are caps on the amount of coverage offered per year.

As we age, our teeth develop new issues. Elderly people may forget to see their dentist regularly. If they can't drive, making it to appointments is challenging, especially if children live in other towns or states. Calcium decreases leading to cavities. Gum disease becomes prevalent. Often, older men and women need bridges, root canals and possibly even dentures. It's all incredibly costly.

Drawbacks to Dental Insurance

Most dental insurance policies put limits on coverage. For example, Delta Dental only covers 50 percent of the cost of crowns and root canals in many cases. Plus, they limit you to one root canal per tooth per lifetime. If your root canal fails, you'll be paying the full cost of a second root canal out of your own pocket.

Dental insurance usually has maximum benefit limits and deductibles. If your yearly limit is $1,000 and you need two root canals at a cost of $1,200 each, you'll quickly blow through your maximum benefit. If your dental insurance coverage pays for half the cost, their share of the bill for the two root canals would come to $1,200. This is $200 more than the yearly maximum benefit, so you'd have to pay that difference plus any deductible you owed. In addition, any dental treatments needed for the rest of the year are up to you to cover financially.

In addition, most dental insurance companies will pay 50 percent for dentures, but only once in five years. If your dentures break or your jaw line changes, you'll have to pay for a new set out of your own pocket.

How Dental Discount Plans for Seniors Help

Dental discount plans for seniors do not have limits. You simply get the dental care treatments you need and pay the discounted rate. If you needed those same two root canals, you'd pay the discounted rate of $800 to $900 per tooth. There are no deductibles, so you'd end up paying no more than $1,800 total.

If you needed dentures, instead of paying the average cost of $1,800. You'd pay the flat $1,000 rate with no limitations on buying a replacement set down the road.

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