Dental Insurance South Carolina Alternative - Consider Dental Discount Plans in SC

If the hunt for affordable dental insurance is driving you made, try a dental discount plan. South Carolina dental discount plans are inexpensive alternatives to dental insurance. You pay a minimal yearly fee and gain discounts of up to 70 percent on your dental care needs.

A SC dental discount plan is not dental insurance, it does, however, offer many of the same conveniences as dental insurance while including a number of benefits. For many individuals and families, discount dental plans are great alternatives to traditional, high-priced insurance.

Differences Between South Carolina Dental Discount Plans and Insurance

A leading difference between discount dental plan coverage and SC dental insurance is the lack of deductibles and maximum yearly benefits. Many insurance plans cap your dental expenses at $1,000 per year. After that point, you must pay for any additional dental care out of your own pocket. Dental discount plan coverage has no limits. You see the dentist as often as you need.

A dental discount plan is similar to dental insurance in that you pick a dentist participating in that discount dental plan. However, if you need to see a specialist, you never need to get a referral. Providing your SC dental discount plan offers coverage for that specific dental need, you can go to any participating orthodontist, oral surgeon or other specialist as often as needed without pre-approval.

SC dental discount plan fees usually range from $80 to $200 per year. This is a huge savings over dental insurance that averages $50 (group rates through an employer to $150 (rates for individuals) a month.

Dental insurance often restricts or denies coverage on dental care they feel is cosmetic. Things like teeth whitening, veneers and resin fillings on molars are rarely covered. You end up paying for those treatments out of your own pocket. South Carolina dental discount plan coverage generally covers all aspects of dental care, including cosmetic.

Companies that Offer South Carolina Dental Discount Plan Memberships

A number of trusted companies sell discount dental plan memberships in South Carolina. Choose from the following:

  • Access
  • Aetna
  • Affordable Family Health Services
  • Alliance
  • Careington Care
  • Dental Care Advantage
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc.
  • DenteMax
  • OptumHealth
  • Patriot Plan
  • Signature Wellness

The company negotiates the lower dental fees with participating dentists. Some companies offer two free dental check-ups per year, and this can really help boost your already impressive savings.

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