Student Dental Insurance - Try a Student Dental Discount Plan

Many colleges and universities require students to carry student dental insurance plans in addition to health insurance coverage. It's perfectly fine to keep your child enrolled on your own dental insurance plan, but there does come a time when the insurance coverage runs out. When this happens, you'll need affordable student dental insurance.

A dental discount plan is an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance. Instead of paying high monthly premiums, you pay a yearly enrollment fee. Your student visits a participating dentist and receives discounted services for all dentistry needs.

Typical Discounts to Expect with Student Dental Discount Plans

Every dentist that accepts a dental discount plan does negotiate prices directly with the company. Given that, here are some examples of discounts that have been negotiated in some areas. Use these as guidelines and not firm prices for your area.

  • Dental check up and cleaning without x-rays: $93
  • Full mouth x-ray - $92
  • One surface resin filling - $99
  • Panoramic x-ray - $71
  • Root canal on a molar - $870
  • Sealants - $37 per tooth
  • Tooth extraction - $108

The savings are tremendous when you compare them to the average cost in the U.S. A typical root canal for a molar is $1,075. A single surface filling is $175. A visit to the dentist with a cleaning averages $156.

Cost Comparison of Student Dental Insurance Plans

Most colleges offer dental plans to all enrolled students. These plans can be extremely expensive, however, and coverage really isn't that great.

Dartmouth University in New Hampshire offers two options for dental care. DentalOne is offered through Northeast Delta Dental. You must be 18 or older before you can enroll in any Delta Dental plan. Monthly premiums range from $38.45 to $61.44. Students also face deductibles, waiting periods and maximum benefit limits ranging from $750 to $2,000 per year.

AIPI offers student dental plans known as SafeGuard. With this plan, your student pays a co-payment each time he visits the dentist. Co-payments depend on the service. For example, a one surface resin filling requires a $25 co-payment. There are strict limits on how many times you can visit a dentist per year and receive dental benefits. Teeth cleanings are limited to twice a year, general anesthesia and laughing gas are not covered at all. Treatments for fractures or dislocations are also not covered. In fact, there are pages of items not covered under a SafeGuard insurance policy that you should read carefully.

SafeGuard student dental plans cost $12 a month and must be purchased in three-month blocks. It ends up being far more expensive than a dental discount plan.

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