Affordable Uni-Care Dental Discount Plan - heap Insurance Alternative

Dental insurance may be less expensive than health insurance, but it's still hard for many to obtain. Learn how a Uni-Care dental discount plan is an affordable option. What you'll pay per year for a discount dental plan is often what some traditional dental insurance companies charge per month. Plus, with discount dental plans, you have the freedom to see specialists without a referral.

Dental discount plans work different than dental insurance. You do not have to fill out claim forms in order to get reimbursed. You don't worry about exceeding yearly maximum benefit limits and you never have to worry about coverage restrictions. As long as you choose a dentist that participates in Uni-Care's dental discount plan, you'll get the discounted rates.

Cost of a Uni-Care Dental Discount Plan

The cost of a Uni-Care 200 Dental Discount Plan is $114.95 for an individual or $169.95 for a couple or family. The plan offers discounts on all dental services including cosmetic services. It also covers pre-existing conditions and orthodontia.

If your company is looking for an affordable alternative to dental insurance, Uni-Care Dental Discount Plan offers group rates that save you even more money. Your entire work force could have dental coverage that fits their budget. That's important in today's economy.

Discounted Dental Plan Pricing Schedules

Uni-Care discount dental plan's prices are prearranged with the participating dentists. You simply go to a participating dentist and they'll extend the discounted prices to you when it's time to pay. All you have to do is show your Uni-Care membership card.

While prices will vary from dentist to dentist, the average price for common dental services are listed below.

  • Adult Teeth Cleaning - $39
  • Child Teeth Cleaning - $33
  • Crown - $583
  • Full upper dentures - $741
  • One-surface resin filling - $69
  • Panoramic X-ray - $44
  • Root Canal (Molar) - $549
  • Sealants - $21 per tooth
  • Tooth extraction - $77

In addition to dental service discounts, Uni-Care 200 Discount Dental Plans also extend discounts for chiropractic, hearing and vision care. Plus, you get discounted prescriptions from participating pharmacies.

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