Dental Insurance Vermont Alternative - Consider Dental Discount Plans in VT

Vermont discount dental plan coverage is available, but not in every area. If you live in or near the Burlington area, you'll find discount dental care plans, but residents of Montpelier will have to do some traveling to find participating dentists. Four other large cities, Bennington, Brattleboro, Rutland and St. Johnsbury, have participating dentists.

Dental discount plan coverage provides you with discounts of up to 70 percent on your dental care. Unlike insurance which often refuses to cover cosmetic treatments like veneers, teeth whitening and resin fillings in molars, discount dental plans cover almost everything.

Learn more about the companies offering VT dental discount plan coverage in the Green Mountain State.

Alliance HealthCard Gold Card

With the Alliance HealthCard Gold Card, you gain savings of up to 60 percent on dental services. The plans start at $145 a year. With an Alliance HealthCard Gold Card dental discount plan, you also receive discounted prices on:

  • Alternative medicine
  • Chiropractic care
  • Diabetes supplies
  • Health club memberships
  • Hearing care
  • Physical therapy services
  • Prescriptions
  • Vision care

CIGNA Preferred Network Access VT Dental Discount Plan Options

CIGNA offers two Preferred Network Access discount dental plans. One is for dental only, and the other adds discounts for vision care and prescriptions. Plans start at $135 per month and include discounts for any orthodontia. You never need a referral to see a specialist making it easy to get your dental care without hassle.

DenteMax Vermont Discount Dental Plans

DenteMax offers coverage starting at $105 a year. Their plans include orthodontia discounts. There are no yearly maximum benefit limits or health restrictions. You can sign up and get started saving money at the dentist within one business day following your enrollment.

Discounts with DenteMax VT discount dental plan coverage vary. For preventative care like sealants, check-ups, x-rays and cleanings, you generally save at least 50 percent. For root canals and crowns, you usually save 25 to 40 percent. Tooth extractions and fillings usually cost 40 to 50 percent less than average dentist fees.

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