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Akai MPD32 MIDI USB Pad Software Control Unit

The MPD32 is the ultimate velocity-sensitive pad controller from Akai Professional. Designed after the legendary MPC series of drum machines, the MPD32 follows suit with the most intuitive software beat control available.

The user-friendly interface provides 16 of the industry’s finest velocity and pressure-sensitive MPC pads that make expressive and unique beat production a breeze. The MPD32 is designed especially for those musicians that want it all without any of the unnecessary complexities that make some drum machines tricky to navigate.

With 4 selectable pad banks, a total of 64 playable pads, eight assignable faders, switches, and 360-degree knobs transmitting MIDI control change samples, the MPD32 bring you previously unattainable control over your beats and mixes.

The 3 selectable control banks make it possible to extend the number of available faders, buttons and knobs to 24, respectively. Giving you better organization and flexibility in selecting sounds and effects.

2 assignable footswitch Ins plus expression pedal input brings the total assignable controller count to a staggering 75. That’s by far, the most of any pad controller on the market.

Also included on the MPD32 controller are:

• MIDI synched note-repeat with MPC swing
• 16 full-sized MPC pads
• 2 assignable footswitch inputs
• Assignable foot pedal control input
• Large crystal clear LCD screen display
• 30 presets for a variety of DAW and software apps (user assignable)
• MMC/MIDI start/stop transport function

The MPD32 is one of the finest pad controllers available, carrying on Akai’s tradition of A-class drum machines. Once out of the box, the MPD32 quickly transforms itself from an exciting toy, to a necessary convenience, to, finally, a full-blown musical addiction.

For real, don’t be surprised when you suddenly realize it’s 5:30 AM, the sun is about to rise and you’ve been fiddling with the MPD all night bringing the beats and loops of your dreams into reality. Yeah, that’s awesome, but, seriously, cool it! You need to sleep!

Akai site: MPD32

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