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Akai MPC Drum Machines

Over the past 8 decades, Akai has been proving itself again and again as a premier source of vision and innovation in the electronic music production industry. Founded in Tokyo in 1929, Akai is by no measure a one hit wonder having since made a competitive name offering high quality products in both audio and video arenas.

Akai has made the enhancement of daily life enjoyment its mission combining advanced technology with its unique expertise in consumer electronics, creating the best multi-media solutions.

Knowing no boundaries, Akai entered the electronic music industry in 1984 with one goal, giving artist the tools they need to explore new musical horizons. Ever since, Akai Professional has become a fixture of modern music, delivering an extensive range of music production solutions for both the studio and the stage.

Akai Pro’s refined digital sampling technology has become the foundation for much of the global music industry’s most popular music. Much of that can be accredited to Akai Pro’s unique MPC sequencing samplers that enable digital samples to become the basis for musical composition, revolutionizing the way modern music is created.

From high-definition televisions to top-of-the-line music production solutions and drum machines, Akai stands at the forefront of digital technology and music production remaining one of the most influential manufacturers of music equipment over the last 20 years.

Top-selling models

MPC1000: The MPC 1000 offers all the essential features inherent in the MPC line including, 32-volce stereo sampling, 64-track sequencing, and 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, giving you all the production capabilities of high-end models in a compact, affordable package.

MPC2500: Featuring a 32-voice drum/phrase sampler, the MPC 2500 offers 16 MB of built in memory which can easily be expanded up to 128 MB of RAM as well as a wealth of editing and sequencing capabilities that is right at home on-deck with DJ’s as well as in professional music production environments.

MPC500: The world’s first portable MPC was Akai’s MPC 500 sampling/sequencing workstation. This compact mobile drum machine easily fits in any handbag, laptop case or backpack, and powered by 6 AA batteries, musicians can make beats and loops no matter where inspiration strikes, be it in the subway, on the sidewalk or even down on the farm. With the MPC 500 you are truly at liberty to create on your own terms.

MPC5000: The Akai MPC5000 is the new flagship in beat production, sampling and sequencing; say hello to the most powerful and most advanced MPC ever made.

MPD24: The MPD24 affords music producers and DJ’s an extremely expressive, innovative and intuitive solution to percussion programming and production. Compact size and mobility meets affordability and professionalism in Akai’s MPD24.

MPD32: The MPD32 is the ultimate velocity-sensitive pad controller from Akai Professional. Designed after the legendary MPC series of drum machines, the MPD32 follows suit with the most intuitive software beat control available.

XR20: The XR20 Beat Production Station from Akai is a portable feature-packed sequencing and sampling solution ideal for hip-hop and R&B producers on the go. You’ll find over 700 standard and electronic drum sounds, one-shot hits, bass, synth, and a lot more giving you the flexibility and versatility to bust out a beat in minutes.

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