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Alesis Performance Pad – Electronic Percussion Station

The Alesis Performance Pad is an inexpensive percussion station that offers eight pressure-sensitive drum pads and a built in drum machine. The pad comes ready to play with 233 sounds you can set to each separate pad as well as a professional drum machine to record and play back your own compositions.

Don’t let its simple design fool you, the Alesis Performance Pad comes out of the box with enough features to have you cranking out beats immediately. Whether you want to practice by yourself using headphones or get a huge crowd moving, this drum pad does it all. Take a look at the features included:

Tons Of Options For Endless Possibilities

If the 233 onboard sounds aren’t enough for you to work with, the Alesis Performance Pad can be used as a MIDI trigger. Hooking the pad up to a computer with production software via a USB MIDI cable (sold separately) allows you to use the pad to trigger any sound available to you.

The pad comes with inputs for hi-hat and bass pedals to get all of your limbs moving. Onboard patterns are included with the Alesis Performance Pad to play with and provide you with inspiration. A line input lets the user connect the pad to a computer, MP3 player, or other audio device and play alongside other music.

Producing high quality electronic drumbeats is easy with the help of the Alesis Performance Pad. Whether you are an experienced live drummer or just a budding bedroom producer, if you want an affordable electronic percussion solution that comes ready to play, look no further.

Alesis site: Performance Pad

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