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Boss Dr Rhythm DR 3 Drum Machine

The BOSS DR-3 is an affordable way for anyone to add beats to their music sessions. This instrument is ideal for the acoustic guitar player looking to add beats to his or her sessions. With 13 velocity sensitive touch pads, 120 drum and percussion sounds and 12 bass sounds, this low-profile drum machine is a powerful and efficient tool.

Spend more time working on your music composition and less time hassling with note by note programming! The DR-3's Rhythm Progressions give the user the ability to choose from 100 preset styles and makes it easy to switch from one section in a song to another, simply by using one of the 8 panel buttons on the side.

Up to 3 variations can be chosen (Intro, Verse, Fill, Ending) saving time and energy while keeping your music fresh.

Customize your sound with the DR-3

With specialized built in sound modifiers such as the Ambiance or Sound Shape effects, BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-3 TSC allows you to change the overall sound of a drum kit to suite your sound needs.

With the DR-3 you'll spend more time working on your beats and less time hassling with programming, the Rhythm Progressions make it easy for you to choose from 100 preset styles. Total Sound Control gives the user specialized effects for changing the sound of a drum kit, further customizing the beats.

The BOSS DR-3 Dr.Rhythm is a versatile and affordable beat generator, suiting the needs of the beginner to the professional and its small size make it convenient and easy to bring your music almost anywhere.

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