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BOSS Dr Rhythm DR 880 Rhythm Drum Machine

The BOSS DR-880 Rhythm Drum Machine is one of the highest quality sound machines developed by BOSS. The quality of this drum machine is somewhat reflected in the price, but to the serious musician looking for amazing sound, it is worth every penny.

The DR-880 is a powerful rhythm programmer that's loaded to the brim with the most excellent of drum, percussion and bass sounds coming to you straight from Roland's famous SRX library.

The DR-880 comes with 440 top of the line drum and percussion sounds and 40 bass sounds with COSM bass-amp models.To top it off, the DR-880 comes with a collection of waveforms, you will never tire of the sound you can create. The BOSS DR-880 makes it easy to create music!

All of the sounds in the DR-880's repertoire can be programmed as is or can be modified with built in sound modification tools, such as independent compressors, EQs(kick and snare) and a selection of COSM amp models for the bass to be customized to the exact sound you desire.

Some specifications on the instrument:

Whether you want to throw beats together or get microscopic, the BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-880 gives you options. Its simple to create original patterns with EZ Compose, note by note programming issues are a thing of the past. On the other hand, if you have the inclination, Groove Modify lets you apply triplets, various grooves and ghost notes, automatically making your music session more dynamic.

The BOSS DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine is a high grade beat generator, ideal for the professional musician looking to invest in excellent sound, solid, powerful and high quality equipment.

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