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KORG Beatlab Digital Metronome and Percussion Trainer

The KORG Beatlab Digital Metronome will make you a better person. Well, maybe not a better person, but it will make you a better musician, at least.

Designed with KORG’s industry standard engineering, the Beatlab metronome allows percussionists and musicians to play along with a ton of different beats. So you get some variety in your practice instead of the same old monotonous click tracks of conventional metronomes that, while helpful, slowly drive you insane.

The Beatlab features a training function that offers 39 basic rhythm patterns ideal for practicing along with. Also, sound and LED light indicators allow drummers to practice the timing of left- and right- hand strokes, a feature unknown to conventional metronomes.

Whether you’re practicing your triplets or even more complex rhythmic patterns between 5 and 9 notes per beat, the Beatlab will keep you spot-on.

The program mode allows you to create and memorize up to 24 different settings of tempo, beat, and rhythm sound volume.

The chain mode lets you memorize eight consecutive chains, each of which contains up to 16 programmed patterns, and, get this, the tap tempo feature lets you tap to the tempo by tapping the tempo tap tapper.

• Headphone jack has adjustable volume control that saves your ears
• Intuitive layout of sliders and keys makes you feel smart and technologically savvy
• Easy to read backlit LCD display is a sight for sore eyes
• Powered by 4 AAA batteries
• Fits in your pocket, unless you have very small pockets

So now you see the many ways that the Beatlab will make you a better musician. And who doesn’t like a better musician? It will win you renown and friends. So in that sense it probably could make you a better person. Who knows?

There you have it, the KORG Beatlab Digital Metronome will get you famous, win you friends and make you better person. Shoot, after writing this blurb I’ve convinced myself buy one!

Korg site: Beatlab

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