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KORG KO1 KAOSSILATOR Pocket Sized Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer

The KORG KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer may be one of the coolest pieces of handheld technology on the market. It’s a pocket-sized sketchpad that puts a world of sounds into the palm of your hand and allows you to simply “draw” or “sketch” a phrase by tapping or sliding your finger across the touch pad. You can infinitely stack phrases to make songs as simple or complex as your heart desires.

The KAOSSILATOR touch pad lets you play any of 100 synths or percussive sounds, manipulate drum rhythms and patters in real time and literally get in touch with your music even if you’ve never touched an instrument before.

The digital display is your window into the KAOSSILATOR’s “devilish little soul”, showing pertinent info such as tempo, scale, measure, and so forth with an additional LED light that shines green for playback and red while recording. The line outputs can connect to any sound system, receiver or amp, allowing you to pump your creation for your roommate, your neighbor or even your whole neighborhood!

• Tap feature allows you to tap in tempo or dial it in after pressing the button once
• Scale feature lets you play in any one of 31 scales, any key or none for pure musical KAOSS
• With the loop function you can record your phrase, loop it and record again adding new layers… infinitely
• The central knob scrolls through sounds and all parameters the KAOSSILATOR has to offer, just turn and tap
• 50 rhythmic patterns can be applied to any sound for enhanced personalization
• 1/8” headphone jack with volume control is compatible with travel speakers or even to a laptop for instant data recording

Either batteries or a 4.5v AC adapter powers this portable, travel-friendly, pocket synth. The KAOSSILATOR is an ideal multi-purpose musical instrument that adds a little flare to your set up or just a fun accessory for traveling and creating no matter when your ingenuity gets stimulated. You will be the life of the party as soon as you pull out this little ditty, anywhere, anytime!

Korg site: Kaossilator

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