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KORG MA 30 Digital Metronome

The KORG MA-30 is KORG’s latest offering in their innovative line of digital metronomes, with a heap of newly developed features such as volume control and sophisticated rhythmic patterns such as triplets and quadruplets with inner beats omitted.

With a wide range of rhythmic patterns the MA-30 allows you to practice with a variety of built-in options aside from the standard click track. So, feel like bringing some color into your practice sessions? Here’s what you get with the MA-30.

Your sanity will be thankful for the 13 distinct rhythms built-into the metronome, which bring a little more variety to your sessions than conventional metronomes. Additionally these rhythms include duplets, triplets, triplets with inner beats omitted, quadruplets, and quads with inner beats omitted.

As with most metronomes, the tempos can be adjusted from 40-208 bpm and the tap function allows you to personally set the tempo. The twelve reference pitches between C4 and B4 have an adjustable calibration between 438-445 Hz, which makes the MA-30 convenient for tuning. The highly visual liquid crystal pendulum ticks and tocks in addition to the adjustable volume control.

• Memory backup remembers your settings even when turned off
• 1/8” headphone jack
• Extra long battery life lasts up to 250 hours of continuous use
• Pocket-size dimensions (4” X 2.5” X .5”) fits in any equipment bag

The MA-30 is a must-have accessory for any serious musician. Dialing in rhythm and synchronization is key for the mastery of all instruments; just ask your favorite performer.

The KORG MA-30 is the perfect, no frills, affordable metronome that just keeps clickin’. In fact the MA-30 is so effective that you’ll see your rhythm sense improve after only a few practice sessions. Get tight and don’t ever get left behind on a track again with KORG’s MA-30 digital metronome.

Korg site: MA-30

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