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KORG MM 1 In Ear Micro Metronome

KORG, the company that introduced the music industry to hand-held electronic tuners and metronomes now brings you the, KORG MM-1, the world’s smallest and lightest metronome.

This on-ear micro metronome is only slightly larger than an earring, yet it offers all the features and functionality of other conventional metronomes, making it ideal for rhythm training, and since it’s so inconspicuous, you could even pop it on your ear during a performance.

The MM-1 features a unique design that combines the convenience of a compact device with the flexibility and accuracy of digital metronomes giving you more than enough support for complete rhythmic development.

It fits comfortably, attached to your ear emitting a rhythmic pulse that can only be heard by the musician using it. As with most conventional metronomes, there is a tempo range from 40 to 208 bpm, which is adjusted by buttons on the device along with 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 7/4 time signatures.

Additionally, the MM-1 offers duplet, triplet and quadruplet beats, which makes this product ideal for drummers who play complex beat patterns while incorporating alternative time signatures.

• Long-lasting lithium battery allows up to 500 hours of cable-free usage
• Dimensions: .64” wide X 1.83” long X .66” deep
• Weight: .2 oz.

Let’s face it, the metronome is one of the least glorified musical accessories, I mean it’s a strict teacher meting out tough love. If you’ve ever gotten frustrated trying to play with one you know what I mean. And so there hasn’t been a whole lot of metronome development over the years.

KORG snuffs that state of affairs by bringing new possibilities to the world of the metronome by asking questions that before seemed pointless like, what makes a metronome better than others? They have found the answers to those questions and worked them into their line like no other music company before. That a subtler metronome is a better metronome is what KORG has proven with MM-1. Just don’t lose it!

Korg site: MM-1

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