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KORG TM 40 Combination Tuner Metronome

If you have ever wished that you could practice your pitch and rhythm with the aid of a single device, look no further, for KORG is now bringing you the TM-40 combination tuner/metronome. Now KORG’s internationally acclaimed digital tuners and metronomes are available in one convenient, compact and easy-to-use device.

Packed with all the critical features of separate tuners and metronomes but not overloaded with cumbersome fluff, the TM-40 gives musicians everything they need and nothing they don’t. A highly visual tool, the TM-40 sports a large, clear LCD screen with a virtual ‘needle’ that keeps perfectly quick and accurate tempo. The blinking LCD also keeps tempo or indicates pitch deviation.

The TM-40 provides quick and accurate coverage of a large spectrum of notes for most acoustic and electric instruments. The highly sensitive built-in microphone can easily detect even low-pitched instruments with complex overtone structures, and KORG’s optional CM-100 contact mic may be used for even greater tuning precision.

Pressing the sound switch operates the sound-out function, which produces a selectable reference pitch from A5 to B4; holding this switch down selects a mode that steps through chromatic pitches between C5 and C4. These features are convenient for tuning by ear as well as ear training.

• Adjustable calibration range of 410-480 Hz adjustable in 1 Hz steps
• Memory backup remembers your settings when turned off
• Major third and minor third interval markings
• Wide detection range of C1 (32.7 Hz) – C8 (4186.01 Hz)

Beat mode allows you to chose a preset tempo and time signature and tap mode lets you set the tempo manually. Thirteen different rhythm variations cover 1-7 beats per measure, including duplets, triplets, quadruplets with inner beats omitted, facilitates the practice of a wide range of playing styles.

• 40-208 bpm range
• Adjustable volume
• Range of tempo adjustment options for full-step or pendulum step mode
• Memory backup
• Auto power off after 20 minutes of non-use

If you thought a metronome is a metronome is a metronome, think again. The KORG TM-40 is a metronome and beyond, catering to the specific needs of more professional musicians than any other. Tuning, timing and tradition form like Voltron in the KORG TM-40!

Korg site: TM-40

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