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Ever since the early sixties, Korg has been making good on the principle, and along the way, Korg earned itself a reputation for technological leadership, user-friendliness and professional sound quality. They set out to build and organ and, whoops, came up with Japan’s first synthesizer instead. A promising future lay ahead, indeed.

It all started in 1963 when Tsutomo Katoh introduced Korg’s first product, the legendary Donca Matic. Today Tsutomo is still the chairman and guiding force behind Korg but an impressive path of creation has been left behind. Today Korg is a multi-national company catering to professionals, amateurs, hobbyists and music students around the globe.

Korg’s deep legacy of innovation includes the world’s first ever handheld tuner, the integration of the keyboard and vocoder in the VC-10, and now creating whole new families of virtual instruments at the top of their class utilizing Electribe, Kaoss technology, pushing boundaries with WaveDrum, and redefining the music workstation with the best-selling workstation/synthesizer ever created, the M1. This spirit carries on today in monumental products like OASYS, the KAOSSILATOR and beyond.

Top Selling Products

Beatlab: Designed with KORG’s industry standard engineering, the Beatlab metronome allows percussionists and musicians to play along with a ton of different beats. So you get some variety in your practice instead of the same old monotonous click tracks of conventional metronomes that, while helpful, slowly drive you insane.

KAOSSILATOR: Pocket-size dynamic phrase synthesizer that puts a world of sounds at your fingertips allowing you to literally sketch beats and phrases by tapping and sliding your finger on the KP3 KAOSS touchpad.
KMD-2 Digital Metronome: Featuring an improved version of KORG’s acclaimed cylindrical speaker, the KDM-2 delivers even clearer and more powerful sound with better tone and volume, even when played with louder instruments the KDM-2 stands out.

MA-30 Digital Metronome: KORG’s latest offering in their innovative line of digital metronomes, with a heap of newly developed features such as volume control and sophisticated rhythmic patterns such as triplets and quadruplets with inner beats omitted. With a wide range of rhythmic patterns the MA-30 allows you to practice with a variety of built-in options aside from the standard click track.

MM-1 “World’s Smallest Metronome”: This on-ear micro metronome is only slightly larger than an earring, yet it offers all the features and functionality of other conventional metronomes, making it ideal for rhythm training, and since it’s so inconspicuous, you could even pop it on your ear during a performance.

TM-40 Combination Tuner/Metronome: Packed with all the critical features of separate tuners and metronomes but not overloaded with cumbersome fluff, the TM-40 gives musicians everything they need and nothing they don’t. A highly visual tool, the TM-40 sports a large, clear LCD screen with a virtual ‘needle’ that keeps perfectly quick and accurate tempo.

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