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Roland HPD 15 HandSonic 15 ePercussion Controller

The Roland HandSonic 15 (HPD-15) electronic percussion controller is a multi-pad hand percussion simulator with triggering capabilities derived from V-drums® breakthrough technology.

The HPD-15’s 10” circular pressure-, velocity-, and position-sensitive pad surface is divided into 15 sections, which allows you to play up to 15 different percussive sounds simultaneously.

Offering 600 different acoustic and electronic drum sounds the possibilities for creative expression are practically endless. Why? Because that’s what Roland V-Drums are known for.

The 10” rubber hand percussion pad, divided into 15 sections allows you to play 15 of the 600 different percussion sounds simultaneously, or if you prefer, the positional sensing supports realistic timbre quality changes, depending on the area of the pad hit.

The built-in pressure sensor permits realistic muting, rolls, and slaps to be created, just like on real hand drums and percussion instruments. The sequencer has 300 world drum and percussion sounds adding some culture to your groove and the onboard effects include reverb and multi-effects processors.

The D-beam controller offers real time control, dual ribbon controllers, and 3 control knobs. MIDI I/O plus dual-trigger input plus hi-hat control jack gives you even more customization options for expansion.

HandSonic HPD-15 specifications include:
• 64 voices max polyphony
• 600 pad instruments with 54 backing instruments
• 160 preset patches, 80 user patches, and 10 patch chains with 32 steps per chain
• Reverb and multi-effects
• 99 preset patterns, max 99 user patterns; 4 tracks; OneShot, Loop, and Tap play functions w/ real time recording
• 96 ticks per quarter note resolution
• 20-240 bpm
• Backlit LCD screen
• L/Mono, R outputs, stereo phone jack, stereo mix-in jack
• AC adapter power supply

Whether you’re a tech-y professional musician, a DJ looking to push the envelope, or just someone who loves playing with awesome percussion toys, the HPD-15 is a must-have. With more possibilities than you may very well get to in one lifetime, the HandSonic 15 is guaranteed to blow your mind. Roland has made it their goal to master virtual percussion with sticks or hands and for the hands they bring you the HandSonic 15. Bang away!

Roland site: HPD-15

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