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Roland RMP 3 Rhythm Coach Practice Pad

The RMP-3 is Roland’s most affordable rhythm coach. All drummers are familiar with practice pads and metronomes, but the rhythm coach series brings these concepts together into one brilliant package, a pad with a brain giving you the utmost in portability and convenience as well as a variety of practice modes to choose from.

Patented mesh head technology is tunable giving the RMP-3 the most realistic unprecedented acoustic feel and internal pickup lets you monitor your drumming with headphones.

The Rhythm Coach also offers new practice exercises such as stroke balance that provide more productive practice sessions than simple metronomes. But sometimes a metronome is all you want and with 5 different metronome sounds to choose from, RMP-3 offers variety even in that vein! And as if that isn’t enough, the pad has a mix input that allows you to practice along with CD players or other portable music devices.

RMP-3 Rhythm Coach specs:
• Adjustable volume
• Quarter note 20-260 bpm tempo selection
• 24 different beat types, 18 rhythm types, 5 metronome sounds
• Coach mode provides 4 variations of time check, 6 var. quiet count, 5 var. auto up/down, 3 var. rhythmic notes, and 2 var. of stroke balance
• Headphone/out jack, mix in jack,
• AC adapter or battery power

The rhythm coach is the best practice companion for drummers. With more exercises and features than one can usually get to in even the most rigorous practice session, the RMP-3 qualifies for everyone from beginner to profession. It is the best way to progress quickly and efficiently. Period.

The Roland RMP-3 Rhythm Coach is Rolands most affordable professional quality stick practice companion. Whether your pace is lagging and you need to catch back up or you’ve already taken it as far as your metronome will allow, the RMP-3 will bring you to a new level in rhythm.

The RMP-3 looks good, feels authentic, and is jam-packed with an array of exercises and time-keeping tools designed for one purpose: to improve your practice sessions and ultimately your playing. It won’t be long before your band members start commending your heightened senses.

Roland site: RPM-3

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