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Roland RMP 5 Rhythm Coach Practice Pad

Roland now offers you the RMP-5 Rhythm Coach Practice Pad with a whole host of additional features. All the key elements of the RMP-3 are still there, such as the great-feeling tunable mesh drumhead and the super durable one piece molded body with internal brain.

But the RMP-5 strides to the front of the class with 54 onboard PCM sounds, external dual trigger input for kick and cymbal pads for an even more realistic practice session, and an advanced expanded Rhythm Coach mode.

The key feature that sets the RMp-5 apart from other rhythm trainers is its built-in sound engine that offers dozens of onboard PCM instruments, like snare, hi-hat, ride, and other percussion adding a heap of flavor to any pad practice.

But if you’re feeling like keeping it simple the tunable mesh pad feels great an sounds just dandy for those who love the nostalgic feeling of tappin’ the pad. The extensive menu of metronome sounds including standard click, human voice count, patterns and more allow for increased practice assistance.

The RMP-5 is a pleasure to play either as a free-standing practice pad or electronic drum, but add to that the extended Rhythm Coach function and the RMP-5 becomes more than a great instrument but also an excellent tutor.

When activated the Rhythm Coach is a fun way to challenge your self with a variety of exercises like time check, auto up/down, and stroke balance. Time check and stroke balance can be used simultaneously for an even more rigorous work out, plus Rhythm Coach can grade your performance for charting your progress.

A dual-trigger input allows for drum kit expansion by connecting Roland’s optional KD-8 kick pad and CY-8 cymbal pad. Together, these 3 components make a fun little electronic drum kit, permitting you to train your feet as well as your hands.

Each pad is fully assignable and the mix in connection lets you practice solo or with an external audio source such as a CD player or an iPod®. Long story short, the RMP-5 is the ultimate practice companion for professional drummers.

Roland site: RPM-5

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