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Roland SPD 20 Total Percussion Electric Drum Pad

The Roland SPD-20 total percussion pad features 8 fully assignable velocity-sensitive rubber pads. This flagship electronic percussion multi-pad offers users a variety of expansive sound options and potential.

Sonorous is a better term to be certain. Perfect for acoustic drummers looking to add electronic sounds to their performances, electronic drummers interested in expanding their kits further or MIDI studio musicians that want to program rhythm parts more naturally the SPD-20 is a great all around instrument.

The compact multi-pad/sound module features 8 fully assignable velocity-sensitive rubber pads. 700 built-in high-quality drum and percussion sounds including a broad range of world percussion instruments come with various sound effects configurable into 99 different patch locations.

The built-in multi-effects include reverb, delay, chorus and flanger. The pad provides 4 dual-trigger inputs for triggering SPD-20 sounds from external pads and other triggering devices. The MIDI In/Out also allows for sequencing and other mix/sampling applications.

Other features on the SPD-20 include:

• 14 voices max. polyphony
• 700 different instruments
• 99 patches, 8 patch chain internal memory
• Sound parameters: instrument, level, pitch, decay, pan, curve effect send level
• 7-segment, 3-character LED display
• AC12V, AC adapter power
• L/MONO, R output, dual external trigger input (3), dual hi-hat control/trigger input, MIDI I/O, dual footswitch,

The SPD-20 is the industry standard electronic percussion pad. Ideal for live performances with either acoustic or electronic drum sets or studio applications the SPD-20 brings a unique addition to any set-up. Don’t be fooled by the imitations out there, the Roland SPD-20 is the real thing. Keep an eye out for it on the kits of masters.

Roland site: SPD-20

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