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Roland SPD S Sampling and Electronic Percussion Pad

The Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad is an affordable yet excellent way to add samples to any percussion set-up. The SPD-S lets you record CD-quality samples and play them back using the six velocity-sensitive pads and three edge triggers, making this an excellent alternative to acoustic triggers and rack sampler.

Of course, the SPD-S provides a wide range of preset sounds and effects ready to play immediately after set-up so you wont have to wait to fill that void in your kit playing..

Before Roland developed the SPD-S sampling pad, integrating custom drum sounds into a drum-set meant configuring complicated drum triggers and a MIDI module. Now drummers and percussionists have a much easier and more affordable way to trigger sampled drum sounds and loops.

There are 181 pre-loaded drum sounds at the ready but that’s just to get you started SPD-S let you sample up to 399 user waveforms. With a generous amount of sampling time (up to 380 seconds of user-sampled material), CD quality sound, and time-tested rubber pads and triggers drummers have never had it so good! Combine onboard sounds with your own sampled sounds and loops to create the ultimate interchangeable drum kit.

The powerful onboard multi-effects processor provides 30 algorithms and unique ambience effects to give you the ability to sculpt and preset or user sample into something completely new and different. Plus, once you’ve created an effected sound, you’re free to resample the waveform freeing the effects for something else.

You can even create original phrase loops using the onboard pattern sequencer and resampling function so the entire sequence can be triggered like a phrase loop form one of the pads. But it doesn’t stop there. As you may have noticed, expansion is key with the SPD-S; a compact flash slot allows you to increase sampling time, and storage; the external trigger input lets you add an optional drum pad; and the MIDI In/Out permits the SPD-S to function as a trigger for external modules or use in studio set ups with a sequencer.

It is truly amazing the amount of versatility packed into this very affordable and fun piece of musical equipment. Any instrument junky will be satisfied with the range of possibilities that open up once linked in to the SPD-S. Let the journey begin!

Roland site: SPD-S

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