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Roland TD-3 Percussion Sound Module

The TD-3 percussion sound module from Roland boasts 114 new and improved, high-quality drum and percussion sounds arranged into 32 distinct kits. With the TD-3, it’s simple to find the perfect kit. Just use the phrase preview function to hear a short demo of each kit and when you come across one that sparks your fancy select it and it automatically assigns each pad in the set.

Then, you can enhance the sounds of each kit by using 15 types of built-in ambience effects and compression in order to add a custom feel to your sound

Also onboard, you have Roland’s legendary Rhythm Coach so drummers can improve their timing, stick control, speed and endurance using one of the several rhythm training exercises. On the back of the module there are nine trigger inputs for adding more pads and a stereo mix input lets drummers play along with external audio sources like CD players or portable mp3 players like iPods® while the MIDI In/Out allows for connections with sequencers and more!

Here’s what you get with the Roland TD-3

• 114 drum instruments and 10 different click instruments
• 32 drum kits
• 15 ambience types
• 20 -260 bpm click tempo
• 7-segment, 3-character LED display
• 9 trigger input jacks, hi-hat control jack, L/MONO, R output, ¼” phone jack, 1/8” mix in jack, MIDI In/Out connectors
• DC 9V AC Adapter

The Roland TD-3 is a high-quality professional electronic percussion sound module. With a pile of new and improved features, drummers into electronic sound will find nothing lacking in the TD-3. The easy-to-use interface puts all of this right at your fingertips allowing you to get crackin’ as soon as you bust it out of the box! But go easy; I said get crackin’ not cracked-out. The TD-3 is so addictive you’ll be lucky if you can pull yourself away from it during the first 24 hours of ownership. And we all know the first 24 hours are the most critical.

Roland site: TD-3

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