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Roland Drum Machines

The Roland Corporation is a world leader in electronic musical instrument manufacturing with a wide range of professional keyboards, synthesizers, guitar products, electronic percussion kits, digital recording equipment, amplifiers, and audio processing devices.

Over 35 years of instrument development has Roland setting industry standards in music technology that competitors can only hope to follow. Check out your favorite musicians’ setups, chances are they’re using Roland gear and for good reason.

Roland was a major catalyst in bridging the gap between the traditional piano and high-tech synthesizers from the very beginning to bring you award-winning digital pianos and organs, providing the look and feel of traditional pianos with convenient modern features. Roland also offers a range of industry-leading keyboards and synthesizers, which have become among the most popular in the world.

Their electronic percussion instruments, like the studio and stage ruling V-Drums provide great-sounding, flexible alternatives to acoustic drums with a wide range of high-quality virtual sounds for both performing and practicing.

When it comes to urban dance and techno music production Roland stands alone with Grooveboxes and DJ equipment used worldwide. Their hard disk recording products are among the best and their comprehensive line of popular guitar products range from the legendary Jazz Chorus amps to BOSS footpedals adding constant innovation to virtual guitar systems.

Roland may be one of the most unequivocal virtual instrument companies in existence today. DJ’s and musicians have found more electronic solutions from Roland than any other electronic instrument producer on the market. And it’s no surprise because when you got Roland, you got quality!

Top Selling Products:

HandSonic HPD-15: A multi-pad hand percussion simulator with triggering capabilities derived from V-drums® breakthrough technology. The HPD-15’s 10” circular pressure-, velocity-, and position-sensitive pad surface is divided into 15 sections, which allows you to play up to 15 different percussive sounds simultaneously.

HandSonic HPD-10: The HPD-10 offers professional-quality pressure sensitive pads, more new percussion sounds, and a whole lot more making the HPD-10 a keynote of e-percussion accessibility and user-friendliness.

RPM-3: Roland’s most affordable rhythm coach. All drummers are familiar with practice pads and metronomes, but the rhythm coach series brings these concepts together into one brilliant package, a pad with a brain giving you the utmost in portability and convenience as well as a variety of practice modes to choose from.

RPM-5: 54 onboard PCM sounds, external dual trigger input for kick and cymbal pads for an even more realistic practice session, and an advanced expanded Rhythm Coach mode.

SPD-20: The Roland SPD-20 total percussion pad features 8 fully assignable velocity-sensitive rubber pads. This flagship electronic percussion multi-pad offers users a variety of expansive sound options and potential.

SPD-S: The Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad is an affordable yet excellent way to add samples to any percussion set-up. The SPD-S lets you record CD-quality samples and play them back using the six velocity-sensitive pads and three edge triggers, making this an excellent alternative to acoustic triggers and rack sampler.

TD-3: The TD-3 percussion sound module from Roland boasts 114 new and improved, high-quality drum and percussion sounds arranged into 32 distinct kits. Just use the phrase preview function to hear a short demo of each kit and when you come across one that sparks your fancy select it and it automatically assigns each pad in the set.

TD-9: The next generation of V-drums kits has arrived and the anchor of that line is the Roland TD-9 Percussion Sound Module, bringing you top of the line quality for a low mid-range price. Offering hundreds of new sounds, real-audio songs and patterns onboard, new scope and quick record/quick play practice functions, full V-hi-hat compatibility and 3-way wide triggering, the TD-9 puts competitors to the test when it comes to extensive features and affordability.

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