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Yamaha DD65 Digital drum machine

The Yamaha DD65 digital drum machine is an excellent choice for any musician who wants to step up in their performance and keep money in their pockets at the same time. With its AUX IN jack you can listen and add music from an MP3 player or download songs from the Internet straight into the internal Flash Rom.

This drum machine takes the headache out of sound integration, making elements easy to bring together in your music sessions.

The Yamaha DD65 digital drum machine has a vast array of percussion sounds, diversity in beat coming from all continents of the world. With eight touch sensitive finger pads, the Yamaha DD-65 will keep your hands moving and beats flowing.

The panel of the instrument also includes many features that are quite easily operated. Just with the selection of a different mode, for example, hand percussion's and the machine automatically switches to both conga & bongo beats. A bass boost system along with freshly sampled studio recorded voices & digital stereo processing lets you create new, unique beats that will instantly make the Yamaha DD65 an indispensable part of your music creation. The instrument specifications are as follows:

Yamaha DD65 Digital Drum Machine is a versatile instrument that comes with many extras, offering advanced hardware and easy operation, it is the perfect drum machine for any enthusiast, from beginner to advanced music maker. The stereo speakers include a bass port providing excellent sound quality. Be sure to check out the optional DD-65 Yamaha hardware kit, as it is a convenient small piece of equipment that automatically transforms the DD-65 into a portable drum kit.

Yamaha site: DD-65

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