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Yamaha YDD 60 Digital Pads Drum Machine

The Yamaha YDD-60 is a great choice for a professional digital drum machine at a fraction of the expected cost. The Yamaha YDD-60 is a new model that offers many features that are appealing from the beginner to the most advanced of musicians.

Combining quality and convenience with a good price, you cant go wrong with this drum machine. It is an excellent instrument for novice musicians interested in learning, the Yamaha YDD-60 offers 100 built-in songs and a Auxiliary In jack that allows the user to plug into any MP3 player & play along with familiar tunes, making it easy to get started!

A headphone jack allows the advanced musician privacy, while stereo speakers that include a bass port ensure high quality sound. The YDD 60 is a powerful and versatile machine, with 8 touch sensitive drum pads, 230 stereo sampled voice recordings and 50 pre set drum kits.

The drum machine has many international percussion and orchestral recordings that can be assigned to any particular touch pad along with a hand percussion mode that makes it all feel legit. It comes with two foot petals that can be assigned to any of the voice/beat recordings including hi-hat, kick drum etc.

Users have the ability to create up to 5 original songs at a time (10,000 notes) The Yamaha YDD-65 digital drum machine has aux in, personal USB MIDI and General MIDI I/O allowing the YDD-60 interface with computers or other MIDI-compatible instruments(equipment), and let the user download data & songs from the Internet. Reverb and Master EQ help give you precise control of your sound.

Here is what you get:

Yamaha YDD-60 has many options and is a solid choice for any musician who is looking to save money while enjoying high quality instruments. The drum machine offers stereo speakers and a headphone jack (headphones optional). It has 230 sampled voice recordings and has over 100 built-in songs. Perfect for the beginner or advanced the Yamaha YDD-60 is an 8 touch sensitive pad drum machine that is high quality and easy to use.

Yamaha site: YDD-60

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