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Yamaha Drum Machines

What can be said about Yamaha that hasn't already been? Yamaha makes the best tennis rackets, dog houses and airplanes. There, I mean, it's not true but it hasn't been said. Sure Yamaha has become a synonymous term for almost everything from home entertainment electronics and industrial robots to motorcycles and even furniture.

But if you look back, all the way back to 1887 (yes, eighteen-87), you’ll see that Yamaha has deep musical roots that are the very foundation of their business from the start, when they were producing reed organs in the nineteenth century.

Well the times have changed and none would dare argue that Yamaha hasn’t changed with them. Today, Yamaha is the world’s largest manufacturer of a full, really full, line of musical instruments.

They provide places for the study of music, presents opportunities for the performance of musical compositions and creates environments for the enjoyment of a variety of musical endeavors. Not only does Yamaha build the instrument, Yamaha builds music. Yamaha’s digital drum machines are a testament to this fact.

The DD series of drum pads are designed from a drummer’s point of view, providing the touch-sensitive response and variety of sounds you would expect from such a monolith of modern music as Yamaha.

Yamaha might be known for a lot more than their instruments today, but make no mistake, Yamaha is a musical company. One might even surmise that their musical roots are the explanation of why thei have become so successful over the years. And for as much fun as you can have on a motorcycle, it pales in comparison to the fulfillment of laying down that next track and bringing everyone in the club to that level. Check it out, Yamaha has rhythm in its blood, the rest is just icing on the cake.

Top Selling Products

DD-65: The Yamaha DD65 digital drum machine is an excellent choice for any musician who wants to step up in their performance and keep money in their pockets at the same time. With its AUX IN jack you can listen and add music from an MP3 player or download songs from the Internet straight into the internal Flash Rom.

YDD-60: The Yamaha YDD-60 is a great choice for a professional digital drum machine at a fraction of the expected cost. The Yamaha YDD-60 is a new model that offers many features that are appealing from the beginner to the most advanced of musicians.

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