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Zoom MRT 3B Digital Drum Machine

The Zoom MRT-3B Digital Drum Machine is an instrument that gives professional grade sound and options at an affordable price. Easy to use and very compact, this drum machine is an inexpensive and versatile addition to any musicians repertoire of equipment

The Zoom MRT -3B is a solid choice for a stand alone drum machine and in addition can be used as an add on to any recorder lacking built in rhythm processing. The Zoom MRT-3B has amazingly clear, studio quality beat recordings that make it easy to create & record that fresh live instrument sound you've been looking for. Its small and easily movable for someone that's on the go.

The Zoom MRT-3B drum machine offers 7 velocity sensitive drum pads, 50 pre set drum kits in addition to having 20 drum kits for user personalization . It has a 21 sound polyphony and a tempo that stretches from a 40.0 to 250BPM. It also has a memory of 99 songs (maximum events/notes 10,000) along with 200 preset and 99 user patterns. The Zoom MRT-3B is powered by 4 "AA" batteries or gives the option of an AC adaptor.

Some of the major specifications of the Zoom MRT-3B are:

The Zoom MRT-3B is a good choice for any musician looking to save money and buy quality equipment. This drum machine also has a complex array of beats and many options for the user to create with ease. Its compactness makes it an attractive option for those looking to keep things easy when moving from gig to gig. The Zoom MRT-3B is an all around good buy for the beginner to the experienced musician.

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