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Zoom RT 223 Drum and Bass Machine - RhythmTrak Drum Machine

The RT-223 is a perfect drum and bass machine for a professional DJ or producer who wants high quality beats without spending a fortune and having more large equipment lying around. Its small size and light weight (680gr w/out batteries) make it easy to begin a session with your own rhythm section practically anywhere. The RT-223 may be low-profile but its as powerful if not more than its larger contemporaries.

The Zoom RT-223 offers seventy built in drum kits and lets you store up to 127 user programmed kits. Creating your own drum patterns is easy, the touch sensitive pads record your timing and the dynamics of your movement. With this instrument, you can record up to 511 patterns, keeping track of your own rhythm with the RT-223's self-lit pads.

Sound quality and sound variety are important elements to good music making, the RT-223 makes sure your covered. It allows you to adjust tonal quality with its Comp EQ effect and makes it possible simultaneously use Reverb effect.

Good music is variety, the RT-223 has 13 pads and 3 banks that bring the number of sounds to 39. Drum sounds for rock, jazz, R&B and funk, ethnic percussion's and analog rhythm for R&B and techno make this drum machine an indispensable tool for the serious musician. The RT-223 is user-friendly and was developed for simple rhythm programming. Making a song is no longer a laborious endeavor, its made simple.

Create with the Formula Assisted Song Translator(FAST)

Options are good. Not only can you layer your beats to create a song traditionally, by combining simple mathematical symbols(+) you can specify your line up. This is great for repeated patterns and creates a song in a flash. The RT-223 allows user to assign certain patterns to pads, making it ideal for live performances and DJ's. The MIDI IN makes it simple to integrate music from external sources into your sessions. Synchronize your play with a CD player or with any other line-level source such as a bass or guitar.

Some specifications:

In all, the Zoom RT-223 Drum and Bass Machine brings advanced hardware and options into a small package, making it easy and convenient to create professional grade music anywhere. It is ideal for the professional musician while at the same time it is approachable enough for the beginner. 13 touch sensitive pads and 3 banks give the user 39 sounds. Jazz, rock, ethnic percussion's, R&B, funk and analog rhythm along with the ability to create over 511 patterns make it the perfect tool for original sound recording.

Zoom site: RT-223

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