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Zoom SB 246 StreetBoxx

The Zoom SB246 StreetBoxx is a rhythm and beat generator created especially for DJ's and Hip Hop engineers. Inexpensive and portable, the Zoom SB246 is a solid option for the professional musician looking to make good beats without a

The StreetBoxx has the components of the RT-223 model while offering you fresh new hip hop samples to work with. There are over 80 built in drum kits, 13 touch sensitive pads and 3 banks giving you 39 sounds. Jazz, rock, ethnic percussion's, R&B, funk and analog rhythm along with the ability to create over 511 patterns make it the perfect tool for original sound recording.

It also offers 5 human voice styled percussion kits making sophisticated beat patterns a snap. Advanced rhythm percussion tracks can easily be made when you express kick, snare and scratch with human voice recordings.

The StreetBoxx offers 500 popular beat recordings coupled with custom preset patterns from all schools of hip hop. Over 100 pre fabricated Kangz boys rhythm patterns are at your finger tips to rap over and groove into your own session. With so many diverse beats and such a small package, the Zoom SB246 StreetBoxx is the ideal beat box for the professional musician looking to save money and keep the music flowing.

Some specs:

• 13 touch-sensitive back lit pads (39 sounds)
• Battery powered rhythm machine and pattern generator with 210 custom rhythm patterns, 529 built-in sounds for Hip Hop programming and DJ performance
• Custom preset patterns from all schools of Hip Hop, 80 preset kits
• Built-in effects- 40 dedicated program patches, 24-bit D/A conversion, loop sequencing- 32,000-note built-in sequencing
• 24 bass sounds chromatically assigned to pads for keyboard-like triggering
• MIDI In for synchronized play with or external triggering from external hardware or software sequencers, trigger kits
• 4 x "AA" battery operation with 8-hr. continuous life
• Groove-play real-rime performance and looping utility

If your serious about your music and you want great sound without spending allot of money, the Zoom SB-246 Streetbox is the instrument for you. Offering the components of the RT-223 with new hiphop samples to choose from, this beat generator is the prefect option, keeping your patterns new and interesting. Good things come in small packages, with 80 built in drum kits, the ability to create 511 different recorded patterns, 100 pre-recorded Kangz boys recordings for rapping over and Groove-play real time performance the Zoom SB-246 StreetBoxx can do all the things other beat boxes can do, but it can also be carried around in your pocket. What more could you ask for?

Zoom site: SB-246

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