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Zoom has been bringing high-class electronic music intruments and products to you for a while and a lot of that can be creditied to Samson. Samson Technologies, already a major brand name in premier consumer electronics is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Zoom. As such it has become a leading design and development partner for many of Zoom’s products.

These include the 505 guitar effects processor which is the world’s best-selling effects pedal on the market today. More recently, in partnership with Samson, Zoom launched the H4 Handy Recorder, which is a triple-threat stereo field recorder, multi-track recorder and audio interface all mashed into one "handy" little device.

With products like USB microphones, the H4 Handy Recorder, and an exhaustive array of audio products and accessories, Samson is always setting its sights on the future. Zoom's drum machines are second to none, delivering only the highest possible quality of audio guaranteed to rock your crowd and keep you busy experiementing for hours, if not days.

Whether you're looking for entry level drum machines or professional stage quality, compact or expansive varieties, or anything in between, Zoom has it on lock down.

But the final word in the matter may be affordability. Zoom is committed to bringing you the best products for the best prices and if one thing is for certain, Zoom's prices can not be beat. You simply will not find a better drum machine for a better price. You want proof? Check the list at the end of this blurb and do some research. If you find anything with more bang for you buck get back to me and I'll print this page out and eat it for you.

Top Selling Products

MRT-3B: The Zoom MRT-3B Digital Drum Machine is an instrument that gives professional grade sound and options at an affordable price. Easy to use and very compact, this drum machine is an inexpensive and versatile addition to any musicians’ repertoire of equipment

RT-223: The RT-223 is a perfect drum and bass machine for a professional DJ or producer who wants high quality beats without spending a fortune and having more large equipment lying around. Its small size and light weight (680gr w/out batteries) make it easy to begin a session with your own rhythm section practically anywhere.

SB-246: The Zoom SB246 StreetBoxx is a rhythm and beat generator created especially for DJ's and Hip Hop engineers. Inexpensive and portable, the Zoom SB246 is a solid option for the professional musician looking to make good beats without a hassle.

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