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Birkenstock became a word known and used in almost every household by the early 1980s. Birkenstock clogs are known for their long lasting quality and comfort.

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All of Birkenstock's footwear is made with a cork bed that molds and forms to the shape of your foot. This makes them more comfortable with each wear. It also makes them unique to the wearer's foot.

Birkenstock clogs are made with and without backstraps. You will find them for casual wear or even professional wear. Birkenstock clogs are an excellent investment for anyone looking for comfortable yet stylish shoes.


Birkenstock Clog Styles

Some of the more popular styles of clogs made by Birkenstock are the Boston known as the classic clog, made for women, men and children, the Eaton and Ascot designed for women and children, and the Akita designed specifically for men. Clogs are comfortable and fashionable.

Be sure to check out their Birki line and Tatami line of clogs also. Birki clogs come in a wonderful spectrum of colors from bright yellow to a more calming blue. The Super Birki Clog offers a replacement footbed to assure your Birkis are a long lasting purchase.

The Tatami line of clogs include the Akita, the Hinoki, and the Bavaria for women. For men Tatami clogs include the Almanor, the Melrose, the Oklahoma, and the Sausalito.

Clogs by Birkenstock are made of many different materials allowing you to select the best material for your clogs' use. If you are a chef you would probably need a clog made of leather rather than a fabric to protect from spills and splatters.

Some of the materials available in Birkenstock clogs are burnished leather, microfiber, suede, antique leather, leather, embossed nubuck, felt, and Bordeaux soft gloss leather. To view these styles and more visit the Birkenstock website. You can also find discounted Birkenstock clogs from many dealers on the web.

Birkenstock Footprints Sandals Inc. clogs are highly recommended, versatile, and great for many activities, such as gardening, walking or simply running out to fetch the morning newspaper.

See for a UK Birkenstock sandal store.


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