Heelys - Heely Shoes for Kids

Combining sport, movement and cool street looks has taken a step forward with Heely shoes. One part X Games and two parts crossover sport, Heelys combines easy-on street worthy sports shoes with inline skating and skate boarding.

Find, Compare, and Buy Heely's Shoes - The Shoe with the Wheel in the Heel

Heelys are all about kicking up your heels and getting "free riding" movement along with "air time". Speed and movement separate Heelys shoes for kids from ordinary tie-ups. Small wonder that kids ... both small and adult size ... are strapping on Heelies.

What You Get With Your Heely Foot Gear. Adding speed and movement places added stress on special purpose sport and recreational shoes like Heely footwear. Solution? Designers and materials engineers create a high quality athletic shoe, but give it an additional designer "kicker" in the form of an in-shoe suspension system. Reason? To absorb shock on landing or sudden stops, coming down from higher sidewalk speeds or jumps.

Heelys Shoes

Avoiding Toe Wear Out - Toe Guard. Naturally, when you build speed ... and need to stop ... your Heelys provide a design "extra" in the form of a reinforced toe area, to bolster abrasion resistance so that you don't leave your treads on the sidewalk.

Fat Wheels - The Key To In-Shoe Rolling Speed. Just like quality inline skating gear, Heeleys reach for robust constructed fat wheels. What do you get? High quality Abec precision wheel bearings for smooth rolling and an outer wheel of high density polyurethane for many miles of long wearing use.

Keeping You Rolling - Wheel Tips. Once you add together a shoe and a wheel, you've moved into locomotion and physics. You'll need to "feel" your Heelies to gauge whether your "rolling resistance" has decreased. What to do? Water and street crud can build-up inside the wheel casings, causing slow-downs because of rust and corrosion.

  • Removing Your Wheels. Simple correction is to take two (2) coins, like quarters, insert them on opposite sides of your Heelies wheel ... twist in opposite directions and bingo your wheels pop out. Cleaning wheels is simple and straight forward. Place them in a dish with bearing solution ... let them soak until the crud and rust dissipates. Next, oil or lubricate them with machine based lubricant like white lithium.
  • Re-Installing Your Heely Wheels. Re-installing wheels requires some care. Your wheels are oiled, however when you use your quarters to tighten down the wheel, make sure not to over-tighten. Why? Because over tightening could bind your wheel, slowing you down, and eventually damage your wheel.

Wheel Plugs When You Just Want To Walk About. So, what happens if you don't want to roll? Answer is to simply remove your Heely wheels, and then snap-fit your wheel plug. You'll look smooth, cool and urban adapted

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