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Ugg has a new meaning ... sheepskin footwear. Slip on a pair of Uggs and step into fashion. Whether you're looking for boots, shoes, slippers or clogs, Ugg Australia has the hottest and coziest footwear for you. Read on for more information.

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History of Ugg

Craftsmen in Australia and New Zealand had been hand stitching sheepskin boots for years. However, in 1978 a young Australian surfer, Brian Smith, left home for the United States with a few pairs of these authentic sheepskin boots to try them out on the U.S. market. The trend caught on quickly and soon became a necessity for surfers. Now Ugg Australia has grown to manufacture all sorts of footwear and its products are popular among actors, actresses, musicians and surfers alike.

Ugg Boots

Ugg Products

Ugg Australia has footwear for men, women and kids; anything from boots, to slippers, to clogs, to shoes is available. The Ugg name marks sheepskin jackets and other outerwear, as well as trendy handbags. Ugg Australia even makes sheepskin rugs.

The main material used to produce Ugg footwear is, of course, genuine sheepskin. Being a natural material sheepskin is not only more comfortable than synthetic materials but it insulates your feet in cold weather and breathes in warmer weather, making them an all-around boot. Ugg Australia also incorporates leather and rubber materials into some of their products as well for durability and variety.

Where to find Uggs

For the biggest selection of styles and colors Fleece Footwear is a great website. Of course, you can find the newest collections of Ugg footwear at retail price at Ugg Australia. Also, check out Cool Antarctica for a huge selection of Ugg boots and shoes.

As trendy as Uggs have become, comfort is their main selling point. Uggs rugged style and popularity amongst celebrities puts these boots in the upper tier of fashionable footwear. If you are looking for a new pair of quality boots or shoes that you can wear for comfort, reliability and fashion, Uggs are a must-have.

For a wide range of UGG boots in the UK see Schuh, one of the leading outlets for UGGS in that country.

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