Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks For Women Men & Astronauts

Good enough for astronauts since 1982 Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks offer form-fitting warmth and comfort with hypoallergenic cotton and suede leather outsoles.

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Classic Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks Design. Comfort and wrap around warmth is a guarantee when you put on your Acorn bedroom slippers, in either cotton-spandex or ragg wool-nylon-spandex blends.

Mid-ankle wrap around comfort. Meanwhile, you stand on Acorn memory foam for foot-wrapping shaping along with the cushiony EVA foot bed. Suede leather outer sole extends a leather sidewall.

Updated Designs - Acorn Acadia Slipper Sock & Acorn Cable Slipper Sock. Looking for something a bit different from Acorn? Try the model Acadia Slipper Sock, lambs wool-acrylic blend ... gravel heather, atlantic heather or russet heather colors ... for women and men. Or ... get the high-on-ankle luxury of the Acorn Cable Slipper Sock ... tweed cable knit merino wool-cashmere-angora blend ... eggplant, spruce, berry, nut tweed colors for women sizes 5 to 10 ½.

Acorn Acadia Slipper Sock

Unisex Sizing For Everyone's Perfect Fit! Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks along with the ragg wool blend are offered in women's sizes from XXS 5 ½ up to M 11 ½. Meanwhile, men's sizes for Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks range from size 6 to size 13, with an XXL size 15 version available in the ragg wool blend men's Acorn Slipper Sock.

Easy Caring For Long Lasting Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks. Looking after your Acorn slipper socks is as simple as hand washing in cold water ... then letting the air dry them. Colors and sizing stays Acorn-true!

Discount Acorn Slipper Socks. Inconceivable even in 1995, hundreds of Internet based slipper and shoe seller sites pass on their lower costs to web-savvy comparison shoppers. What do you get? Up to 45% and more in discount Acorn Cotton Slipper Socks prices depending upon the size, model, and season.


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