Acorn Velvet Mule Slipper For Women And Day Long Comfortable Feet

The Acorn Velvet Mule Slipper combines velvet softness uppers, micro fleece moisture wicking interior, memory foam mid sole, and a weather resistant outer sole.

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Acorn Women's Velvet Mule Slipper Foot Comfort Design Keys.

Your feet support you all day! Give your toes, arches and muscles the creature comfort of soft luxurious polyester velvet mule slippers. Micro fleece lining deals with moisture ... quickly wicking away moisture. Acorn mid sole construction feature anatomy-conforming memory foam plus EVA cushioning. Arch support and stability is handled by a raised heel to keep you in place for a sure step. Weather resistant outer outsole also gives you sure-grip traction on slippery surfaces.

Acorn Velvet Mule Slipper

Color Selection For Acorn Women's Velvet Mule Slipper . Any casual wear outfit will get a complementary boost from an Acorn Velvet Mule Slipper offered in black ... blue cut vines ... crimson ... multi red.

Women's Size Selection For Acorn Velvet Mule Slipper For Women. Virtually any woman's foot will find the perfect Acorn house slipper ... sizes 5 – 6 all the way up to 10 ½.

Looking After Your Acorn Velvet Mule Slipper For Women. Acorn makes it simple ... just machine wash in colder water ... select gentle cycle ... then tumble dry on a low time setting. Presto ... your Acorn slippers are like-new!

Discount Acorn Velvet Mule Slipper For Women. Twenty years ago who would've imagined the rise in Internet technology! Now, web-savvy comparison shoppers can easily "surf" the web, locating online shoe and slipper specialists who pass on their lower costs in the form of discount Acorn Women's Velvet Mule Slipper prices ... sometimes 20% or more lower than conventional street-side retailers.


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