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A pair of Acorn slippers is a dream to tired feet. Slip on a warm, comfortable pair, and relax. After all, the company claims they are the "official footwear of relaxation". They are made with "memory foam" known as "comfort technology".

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Acorn started with nine pairs of slipper socks given as gifts for Christmas to family members by the founder of this company. Each person receiving these gifts fell in love with them and due to their enthusiastic excitement the Acorn Products Company was born.

What started as a small home company has now grown into a world wide organization. Acorn Slippers are sought after all over the world. The slippers and other products are all manufactured by the company Acorn of Maine.

Acorn Chinchilla Mule Slipper

With a wide variety of slippers to choose from, Acorn has a pair for everyone on your list. There are men's, women's, children's, infants, and toddlers. They have a long list of sizes available.

They have polar fleece , rag-wool, slipper socks, and sheepskin. Their product line consists of Classic Comfort, Studio Comfort, Spa Comfort, After Active and much more. Acorn slippers are meant for many times throughout the day and for everyone.

For more than twenty-five years Acorn Products Company has been providing coziness to everyone's feet one pair at a time. Get a pair and experience this promised value of the Acorn slipper.

Acorn Slippers will relieve and soothe your tired feet. They will offer you calm on a stressful day. One pair will put you at ease after a long day. Get a pair for yourself, a lucky friend, or a loved family member today and no one will be disappointed.

To find out more about Acorn slippers find a distributor of Acorn of Maine products.

You will not be disappointed by any of their products and your feet will whisper little thank yous every time you step into them.


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