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A very popular manufacturer of men's slippers is Eddie Bauer. This Company started in 1920 in Seattle, by a young entrepreneur with a desire to provide quality clothing and footwear for people with a similar interest in the outdoors.

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Slippers are not usually worn outside, but in the winter cabin, or around the fire at home are places that no one should be without a pair. Eddie Bauer slippers are just the style that blend in with your winter wonderland.

Eddie Bauer slippers are available in nine different men's styles. The Fleece slippers are a popularly purchased item. These slippers are soft and warm, but lightweight. They are constructed with a sole that gives the wearer the versatility of running out to get the mail.

Eddie Bauer Slippers

They provide a line of Shearling slippers as well. These soft and elegant slippers will warm the cold feet of any man. They carry booties, scuffs, moccasins , and loafers all made from shearling. Shearling is the softest coat of a sheep, the first coat to be exact.

Not only does Eddie Bauer provide men with so many slippers, but their women's micro fiber slippers are constructed perfection. Get a pair and experience this perfection yourself. You might want to buy them for a friend of loved one.

Eddie Bauer Company takes pride in doing their part in community action. They participate in many events that care for the environment, promote diversity, and ensure the protection of human rights. Get a pair of Eddie Bauer slippers and you have played an important role in these activities as well.

Slippers are a part of everyone's interest, because everyone's feet need to be protected and kept warm. Find the right pair for anyone with Eddie Bauer.

Eddie Bauer slippers are top quality, long lasting, and affordable. Get a pair today and experience the comfort. Give a pair to a friend and let them experience it too. These slippers should be in front of every fire through the winter seasons, all over the world.


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