Men's Foamtread Slippers For Comfort Fit Easy-On Daily Wear

Men's Foamtread Slippers bridge the gap between pure comfort and great lounge slipper looks. Leading models include Regal, Troon, Doral, Glendale, Tradition.

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Designing For A Man's Foot Comfort. After a day at the office or out on a project site, a man wants to kick-back with Men's Foamtread Slippers that will relax his feet ... remove pressure points caused by shoes and boots ... offer a range of materials and colors including velour, leather, microfiber.

Foamtreads Troon Men's Leather Slipper. Heel-free easy on slip on ... in brown or black leather uppers ... the Foamtreads Troon Men's Leather Slipper creates a full foot bed soft cushioning landing for a man's feet ... dense rubber soles give a man a stable standing platform plus weather resistance ... easy care and hand washable ... men's slipper sizes from 7 to 13.

Foamtreads Freedom SlippersFoamtreads Freedom Slippers

Foamtreads Regal Men's Microfiber Slipper. Amore enclosed feel, the Foamtreads Regal Men's Microfiber Slipper incorporates elasticized stretch material onto the microfiber uppers to guarantee a comfy fit every time ... quick and easy maintenance hand washing to remove spots or dirt ... color choices include Black, Coffee, Blue ... men's foamtread slippers size 7 to 14.

Foamtreads Doral Men's Leather Slipper. Slip your feet into soft kidskin leather upper ... elasticized stretch produces just the right amount of foot-holding tension for a perfect fit each day ... heavyweight rubber soles create stability and traction and weather resistance ... Brown or Black leather colors ... sizes 7 to 14.

Foamtreads Glendale Men's Velour Slipper. Lounge sophistication ... plush comfort of velour ... elasto-stretch material added to the velour upper in order to create a good fit that holds its shape ... hand washable easy of maintenance ... Black or Navy velour color ... men's sizes of 7 to 13.

Foamtreads Tradition Men's Moss Wool Slipper . A bootie ... great fit each time with the hook and loop closure ... warm wool upper with a foam backing to hold their shape ... Moss or Black ... 7.5 to 14.

Foamtreads Waltz Indoor Outdoor Slippers For Women

Foamtreads Waltz Indoor Outdoor Slippers For Women create instant pressure-relieving foot comfort, quilted uppers in wide color range, rubber out sole for traction.

Velvety Velour For Comfort & Just-Right Warmth. You're back from work, or recreation, or family stuff ... your legs and feet are tired ... so you slip into a great-looking pair of Foamtreads Waltz Indoor Outdoor Slippers For Women ... velour uppers carry an elasticized stretch for a perfect fit and shape-maintaining wear ... combination cotton and polyester with nylon tricot lining ... rubber outer sole gives weather-resistance and stability.

Velour Soft Comfort & Great Color Choices. Any of your indoor casual wear outfits will find a matching Foamtreads Women's Waltz Slippers model ... color choices include Emerald Gold ... Red Gold ... Dusty Rose ... Burgundy ... Blue Satin ... Black ... Mink ... Pink Satin. Size offerings in the Foamtreads Waltz Indoor Outdoor Slippers For Women range from 6 to 12 ... and also two wifdth options in csome sizes.

Easy Care & Long Wear. How simple can it get? If your Foamtreads Waltz Indoor Outdoor Slippers For Women get marked or dirty, simply machine wash, and then air dry or wipe with a wet cloth.

Cruising The Web For Discount Foamtreads Waltz Indoor Outdoor Slippers For Women. Web-savvy shoppers surf the many web-based sites for daily specials on reduced price Foamtreads Waltz Indoor Outdoor Slippers For Women. Good news for shoppers since these web based shoe and slipper guys pass on their lower costs to you in the form of discounts ... sometimes 15% to 50% or more subject to season, model, size and color options.


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