Haflinger Slippers - Boiled Wool Slipper

If you are looking for the pair of slippers that you can wear year round, Haflinger slippers are your brand. This company constructs them completely out of wool, which has been said to be "nature's air conditioner".

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The Haflinger Brand is a family owned business located in Germany. They have been manufacturing slippers and other footwear for over 25 years. Their slippers can be found all over the world provided by many different distributors.

All of Haflinger Slippers are assembled with all natural materials friendly to Germany's, and the earth's environment. This makes them guilt free purchases to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Haflinger Slippers

There are styles suitable for just about anyone. There are men, women, and children's styles available. Each style comes in a long list of color options. You will be able to find a pair that matches all of your evening attire. Scuff slippers are their specialty.

Some of the more popular women's styles are the Celine, Caroline, and Chianti. All of these styles have embroidered patterns, which make them appear as though your grandmother sewed them just for you. Because they are unique, soft, and beautiful you are guaranteed to enjoy the comfort of your Haflinger slippers.

The popular men's styles are the Everest, and the Boiled Wool styles. These are just plain clog shaped slippers with indoor/outdoor soles. Every man would be happy with a pair of these slippers.

Each pair of Haflinger Slippers are lightweight, durable, and have latex foot support. They are also constructed to mold to the wearer's foot making them uniquely comfortable to you.

These slippers will keep your feet warm on cold winter days, and cool on hot summer days because they are constructed with 100 % wool. The easy care instructions come with each pair, so you will not have any problem keeping them in top quality shape for a long time.

A few customer reviews stated that they had been wearing them for over 5 years. Buy a pair of Haflinger slippers and you may not have to buy a pair again. Look for your pair at a distributor near you.


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