Comfort Pedic Memory Foam Slippers For Total Foot Comfort

Comfort Pedic Memory Foam Slippers pamper your feet, anatomically perfect fit to reduce pressure points, breathable fabrics, women's and men's sizes.

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Stepping Into Your Perfect Foot Shape. Comfortpedic Memory Slippers customize their shape to every wearer! NASA technology delivered to discriminating buyers who want to feel their best after work and play.

Comfortpedic Memory Slippers react to your toes, forefoot, arch and heels to conform precisely to how your feet are shaped. Result? Pressure points are virtually eliminated ... bunions, heel, arch pain, arthritis, especially good for diabetic sensitive feet health issues.

Comfortpedic Memory Slippers

Total Comfort Design. Comfort Pedic Memory Foam Slippers conform to your foot shape, to reduce pressure and pain, and also contribute additional arch support in order to stabilize your foot and reduce risk of foot roll and sprains and pulls. Outer sole are grip-sure for wear both indoors and outdoors. Uppers are designed with plush soft velour to pamper your feet, and also allow you to thermo-regulate.

Women's & Men's Comfortpedic Memory Slippers Sizes. For women, Comfortpedic offers memory foam slippers from size 6 ½ upwards to size 12. Meanwhile, sizes for men's slippers with memory foam start at size 6 and move up to size 12.

Care & Cleaning. Caring for your Comfortpedic Memory Slippers is simple ... just wipe with a damp cloth ... air dry.

Internet Specialists For Discount Comfort Pedic Memory Foam Slippers. Web based slipper and shoe experts have typically lower overheads ... passing on cost savings in the form of reduced prices and discount of sometimes 15% to perhaps 60%, depending on model, color, size and seasonal aspects.


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