Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women For Plush Indoor Comfort

Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women combines plush insulating sheepskin uppers, fleece lining and easy-on low heel for all-day standing comfort.

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Designing Foot Comfort For Indoor Casual Wear. You've worked hard all day ... or done some body-beautifying exercise ... your legs and feet are tired ... "outside" shoes pinch and create pressure points. Solution?

Place your feet into Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women ... a solid grip-sure rubber outsole supports the plush genuine sheepskin uppers ... a neat wool decorative trim adds style ... your feet are surrounding in plush fleece comfort to balance temperature and wick heat away.

Old Friend Ladies Clog

Subtle Casual Wear Colors Plus Extensive Women's Sizes. All-day plush comfort for your feet ... colors for your Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women include rich Chestnut or Dark Blue with a decorative wool trim. Sizes offered in the Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women model range from Ladies' 6 to 11.

Easy Care For Long Wear Comfort. Principally an indoor woman's slipper, the Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women is all about easy care ... moist damp cloth will typically remove surface dirt ... treat the leather with approved leather cleaners for long life and great indoor looks.

Web Surfing For Discount Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women. It's all high tech these days ... web-enabled smart shoppers looking for their favorite brands such as Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women ... matching up with low cost web-based sellers ... .Result? Often you'll "surf" the Internet and locate discount Old Friend Sheepskin Slipper deals with prices 15% to sometimes 50% reduced on various colors and sizes of Old Friend Ladies Clog For Women.


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