Ugg Kids Classic Boot For Warm Comfort And Hard Play

The Ugg Kids Classic Boot packs all the adult model features into a small package, full shearling lined, long wear upper suede, tough outer sole.

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Ugg Kids Get A Good Deal.

The Ugg Kids Classic Boot is Ugg proof that "what's good enough for Mom and Dad ... is good enough for the kids". Over the ankle comfort fit, the Ugg Kids Classic Boot extends deep plush shearling lining around the foot and up the ankle. Open exposed stitching emphasizes the rustic practicality of the Ugg Kids Classic Boot. The Ugg Kids Classic Boot can be worn with easy-on bare feet or with socks ... feet stay just right, not too warm nor too cold ... moisture wicking ... uppers in hard wearing suede leather than can play with the best of kids ... and traction and weather blocking from the reinforced outer sole.

Ugg Classic Boot For Kids

Ugg Kids Colors And Size Choices . With the Ugg Kids Classic Boot, you can choose from Ugg colors including Sand ... Chocolate ... Chestnut ... Black. Ugg kid's sizes include toddler sizes 7 to 13, and children sizes 1 to 6.

Surfing The Web For Discount Ugg Kids Classic Boot Deals. No longer stuck with department store prices, web-savvy Ugg aficionados cruise the Internet in order to match their buying needs with those of web-based shoe and slipper experts. Result? The typically low-cost base web sellers can pass along a portion of their savings so that you save money on your Ugg Kids Classic Boot purchase. Search-and-compare for the model and size that you're looking for.

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