Cookie Gift Basket Ideas For Family And Friends

A cookie gift basket is perfect for some one who absolutely adores sweets.. or cookies. Consider your own design cookie basket for a special occasion or to help your friend get out of a funky mood.

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Designing Your Cookie Gift Basket For Pleasure And Moods

Unique designer gourmet or bouquet cookie gift baskets can reflect any mood, whether it is humorous, serious, or even romantic.

* For Popularity Add Frosting To Your Cookies. The more popular version of the cookie gift basket is when frosting is used on the topside of the cookie, and is baked on a stick so that the cookie may be held up in the cookie gift basket. The frosting on one's cookies is usually made for decoration, creating a mood, and even to express a short message, such as "Get well soon!" or even "It's a Girl!". The frosted cookies are always professionally prepared and look superb.

Cookie Gift Baskets

Cookie Gift Basket Ideas, Options

* Special Cookie Gifts For Babies. Consider a cookie gift basket for a new born baby - often as many as eight cookies with all different shapes and designs like that of a rattler, pacifier, bottle, bib, and even balloons.

Other shapes may include cookies in the shape of baby's feet, intended for new parents. A new and very popular way of creating a cookie gift basket is to combine a cookie and toy basket with popular toy names such as F.A.O. Schwartz. Stuffed animals like giraffes and cows are used, as example, and the cookies with the plush animals are made with the same theme.

* Professional And Workplace Gift Ideas. A gourmet cookie gift basket intended for co-workers or anyone in a professional relationship contains a variety of cookies on sticks if requested, or the gift may arrive in a tin or open wicker basket, and have candy or even gourmet coffee added to please.

A 6"-7" Mylar balloon may also be added if requested with the correct, appropriate saying or image on it. Corporate gift baskets can adopt any number of professional themes unique to your business setting.

* Romance Lives On Via The Cookie. A cookie gift basket can also be romantic. Cookies are baked onto sticks with a resemblance to that of the stem of a rose, and then are beautifully hand wrapped in colored wrapping to depict the similarity between the cookie flower and the actual flower.

Custom designed dozen "cookie" flowers are usually delivered in a long, slender white box. Silk ferns are usually added for texture. Another way to create a beautiful gift with a flower shape is to have a vase, and in the vase have silk ferns, and silk roses amongst the cookies wrapped in colored wrapping.



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