Fruit Gift Baskets- Unique Gourmet Ideas

Express thoughtfulness and gratitude with a gourmet fruit gift basket, the perfect choice when you want to avoid artificial sugars, unnecessary carbohydrates, and enjoy the healthy tastes of eating fresh fruit.

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Ripe Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket

* Ripeness For Best Taste. A typical fruit gift basket includes fruit at its peak in terms of juiciness and freshness. Various types of fruits are used typically in a normal gourmet gift basket including oranges, pears, and apples.

The different types of fruit vary greatly. The oranges are normally naval oranges; pears tend to be Imperial Comice, Bartlett, Beurre Bosc or a dessert pear, while apples are normally Granny Smith apples, or Fuji or Mitsu.

Fruit Gift Baskets

Fruit Gift Baskets - More Unique Options

* Going Exotic And Tropical. If you're looking for a more exotic type of fruit, then there are other options you need to consider. A tropical gourmet fruit gift basket may include any of the following types of fruits: delicious mangos, pineapples, oranges, subtle papaya, zesty limes and lemons, delicious kiwis, tart grapefruit, and even may include a yummy star fruit.

Grapes of purple and green are wonderful compliment to an exotic gourmet fruit gift basket, as well as fresh passion fruits.

* Consider Gourmet Cheeses, Nuts. Along with gourmet fruit gift basket ideas that are all fruit, there are some beautiful gift baskets that not only incorporate fruit, but add complimentary nuts, cheeses, chocolates, crackers, smoked salmon, and sparkling ciders. Nuts like pistachios, walnuts, almonds and peanuts may be either roasted, salted, or even over-sized. Brie, mezzo secco, cheddar and jack cheese are wonderful additions along side a small cutting board and olive oil crackers.

* And... Of Course Chocolate. For dessert, chocolates are intended just for a little extra sweetness along side your fresh fruits. Brand names such a Ghirardelli and Godiva are generally used for their guaranteed satisfaction and durability in the packaging process. The chocolates may be filled with some type of filling including a hazelnut crème, raspberry, mint, dark chocolate or even a white chocolate. Solid bars are also used, and can incorporate crushed nuts and/or flavors of some type.

Gourmet Fruit Basket : Unique Ideas

* Specialty Dried Fruits That Last. Another variation of the custom fruit gift basket uses dried fruits and other types of packaged snack foods to compliment the dried fruit. Mixed dried fruits like pineapple, apple, mango, papaya, raisin, dates, and cantaloupe may be used. Yogurt covered almonds and or raisins are wonderful sides, along with roasted peanuts, cashews or fresh walnuts.


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