New Baby Gift Baskets - Unique New Born Celebration Ideas

Select from a wide range of beautiful, custom new baby gift basket ideas. Plan the perfect baby shower. Create memorable newborn baby gift baskets for baby and Mom.

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Creating The Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Basket

* Off The Shelf And Custom New Baby Gift Baskets. You're in luck because there are so many varieties, styles and themes for your new baby gift basket that you'll definitely have a hard time choosing. Basket types most preferred tend to be colorful, practical and decorative.

* Things To Include. What can you include inside your new baby gift basket? All types of items from clothing and blankets, to foot print kits and cleaning supplies are offered and possible subject only to your imagination and pocket book.

Baby Gift Baskets

A new baby gift basket containing clothing and dressing items for baby may include a terry velour robe, infant outfits, cotton or velour booties and even embroidered fleece caps with baby's name!

* Safe And Stimulating Stuffed Animals & Music. Entertainment necessities for your newborn baby gift basket include all sorts of stuffed, plush, cuddly animals. Teething toys and rattles are always great choices.

You 're always right to include the essential pacifier and 8 oz. baby bottle.

CDs of various kinds full of lullabies, either with or without lyrics are also much loved accessories to your custom new baby gift basket.

Along with entertainment pieces like rattles and pacifiers, you can include items that every one remembers during those precious moments when baby was first born.

Some basket sets include footprint and handprint kits, photo albums, and a silver-plated utensil kit. Other items include pop-up books and tiny padded hangers for baby's clothing.

Baby Gift Baskets - Unique Ideas & Gifts

* Bath Time Goodies. A new baby gift basket would not be complete unless soothing bath time goodies were also involved so baby could bathe in comfort.

So baby can be free of chafing and enjoy your hugs, skin sensitive and hypoallergenic lotions and oils are offered. Along with soaps and oils, tearless shampoo and conditioner, along with baby wipes and powder are a must.

Goat milk is an excellent base for any skin/hair product, especially babies or people with sensitive skin. Goat milk bases are full of proteins, and vitamins and minerals that are so essential to the growth and nourishment of baby's skin which makes goat milk bases ideal additions to your basket.

* Selecting Your Basket Frame. A newborn baby gift basket will have a base or outer frame for you to choose. You have a wide range of designs to choose from.

Usually a lined basket of some description is chosen for a homely feeling. Plain wicker baskets may also be used along with themed totes. These themed totes that serve as the base for your new baby gift basket are absolutely adorable and plush. Such themes for baby include ducks, lambs, goats, rabbits and stars.


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