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When you think of an embroidered gift or a monogrammed gift you probably think of shirt cuffs, towels, or silverware. The fact is that today, people are having fun putting their initials on everything!

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The popularity of an embroidered gift or a monogrammed gift reflects our return to the classics. But the fact is that monograms are not just being used in the classic manner. Monograms are turning up in the most creative and unusual places.

You will see them on terrycloth bath robes, Jackets, toilet paper, even toe nails. One company will actually monogram your steak for you. Although that seems, shall I say ... a little possessive?

Monogrammed Bathrobe

The bottom line is that people like to see their name or initials on anything from a simple cap to the car they drive. That is why monogrammed baby gifts and anniversary gifts are skyrocketing. You can't go wrong with a tasteful embroidered gift for your boss' new little one or a monogrammed gift for your sweetheart. It is sure to be a favorite.

The first place monogramming showed up is in the middle ages. It was more of a necessity than a fashion statement. People would put their initials on their linens and laundry so they would not loose them at the public wash. Monogramming linens and clothing is currently growing in popularity, but it is not so you can pick our laundry out from the communal pile.

What's the appeal and why are we so proud of our initials? The answer is that we are unique individuals and wearing our own unique initials maintains that. Also people tend to notice when something is monogrammed, and we like to get noticed.

So next time you are out shopping for "just the right thing" to give, think of an embroidered gift or a monogrammed gift. And while you are at it, pick up something nice with your initials on it just for yourself ... like a steak!



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