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Valentine's Day is about showing the person you love, or people you care for, affection and special attention.

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After your dinner, what better way to serve dessert than to put on a show of succulent chocolate and a multitude of berries and other tasty treats? You could easily buy some flowers and a heart-shaped candy box, but it's well known the quickest way to a person's heart is by way of their mouth.

So what better reason do you have than to buy a Chocolate fondue fountain? There is a motor at the base of the fondue fountain that heats and melts the chocolate and allows for the chocolate to flawlessly cascade down the tiers creating a warm, curtain of chocolate.

Rival Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Sephra Classic Chocolate and Fondue Fountain

This fondue fountain by Sephra is built for elegance and style. This fountain is meant to be the centerpiece on your dining room table, creating a lasting impression.

  • The melted chocolate pours over the stainless steel tiers and creates an amazing curtain of warm, melted chocolate ready to eat.
  • Sephra Classic Chocolate and Fondue Fountain assembles in second and is also dish washer safe.
  • The motor in the fondue fountain is the patented Whisper Quiet motor.
  • Fondue fountain made with highest quality, professional grade stainless steel.
  • Your classic chocolate fondue fountain works with other sauces such as cheese, caramel, barbeque sauce and ranch dressing.
With your order of a Sephra Classic Chocolate and Fondue Fountain, you will receive four pounds of Sephra premium dark fondue chocolate from Belgium, six metal skewers, and a fondue-testing funnel.

Elite Chocolate Fondue Fountain

The Elite fountain is very similar in design of the Sephra Classic Fondue Fountain.

  • Elegant style and dishwasher safe.
  • Easily removable basin for quick, easy cleaning, and another excellent feature is the Whisper Quiet motor.
  • Four varying temperature settings fo

There are also other types of Chocolate Fondue Fountains. Each fountain varies in color, or size, or the amount of tiers for the warm, melted chocolate to fall. Most will buy the general six skewers, four pounds chocolate fountain; but on nights like Valentine's Day, a mini chocolate fondue fountain might be just what you need. Perfect for two with all the time in the world to enjoy each other's company.

Nostalgia Mini Chocolate Fountain with Stainless Steel Tower

Beautiful, scaled down version of the much-enjoyed Sephra Classic Chocolate Fondue Fountain, this fondue for two will be greatly enjoyed.

  • Stainless steel base with two-tier tower.
  • Auger-style fountain.
  • Incredibly easy to disassemble, and quick clean up.
  • Includes two pounds of fondue chocolate, and four extended fondue

Two other popular mini chocolate fondue fountains available on the market, while also being very popular are the Chocoa Mini Polished Stainless Steel Fondue Fountain, and the Helman Group Three Tier Stainless Steel Tower. Both of the appliances are easy to set-up as a counter-top appliance and are scaled down versions of the traditional Fondue fountains.

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