Calf and Foot Massager - HoMedics Shiatsu Foot Massager

There are many different kinds of electric foot massagers on the market today, making it hard to decide which one is actually the real deal.

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A foot massager will either relieve your feet and lower legs, or will cause unnecessary tension. HoMedics and Interactive Health are the two most popular foot massage product companies today, but there are also others that work wonderfully as well.

The Medi-Rub Foot Massager is a highly known massager that works excellently without the extra gadgets and fancy add-ons. A simple design with optimum effective qualities relieves tired and aching feet daily across the country. Quiet, 2-speed foot massager designed with oscillating action.

Versa Pro Foot Massager

Medi-Rub Foot Massager increases blood circulation to lower legs and feet while stimulating thousands of nerve endings at the bottom of the feet.

Massage penetrates through all the targeted muscle layers.

Product widely used by people suffering from diabetes and neuropathy.

Action of foot massager eases aches in toes and in heels of the feet.

Another foot massager is Thumper VERSA PRO Professional Lower Body Massager created by Versa Pro.

This foot massaging design is ultra slick with black and purple coloring.

Thumper VERSA PRO Professional Lower Body Massager massages feet, calves, thighs and the lower back as well.

Inventive angled design built for multiple uses for massaging.

Thirteen different massage settings with self-leveling steel suspension, which automatically adjusts to different body parts allowing for optimum penetration and relief of target muscles.

Patented pulse acu-pressure design.

Outputs a normal foot massager by ten times its highest setting.

One hundred and eighty four nodes specifically placed for highest quality massage with the Thumper Versa Pro.

Easy to use hand held remote to adjust functions, or optional base control.
Thumper VERSA PRO Professional Lower Body Massager is dynamically balanced with smooth, quiet, operation.

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