Interactive Health Massage Chair and Ottoman

Interactive Health® has been developing leading edge massage technology for consumers and professionals for over twenty years.

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Interactive Health has spent millions on research and development just in the field of robotic massage to create cutting edge solutions for consumers to relieve the pain and stress associated with everyday life.

Interactive Health's hand held foot, back, and neck massagers are built to the same quality as their luxury, top of the line, massage chairs in which made the company well known. Each product is carefully designed to fits the comfort and needs of the consumer - you!

Interactive Health HT 135 Massage Chair

An excellent design by Interactive Health is the Interactive Health WarmAir Percussive Foot Massager with Soothing Heat. This is the only massager available today that combines the percussive massage with a heat delivery system. The positive effects are felt almost instantly!

  • Patented equalizer percussion for and effective, deep muscle massage.
  • A powerful motor installed to suit even the highest, desired massage intensity.
  • Specially placed, integrated massage nodes for an effective massage.
  • The percussion massage is combined with the warm air in order to relax the feet and melt tension away.
  • Scientifically located "Ergo Pad" massage head acupressure nodes stimulate all pressure points in the feet at once.
  • Patented Warm Air Technology achieves its maximum temperature in fifteen seconds, through warm airflow around the massaging nodes, immersing entire foot in warmth.
  • Airflow activated with or without massage.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, with firm grips on the bottom of the massager to avoid sliding.
  • Foot activated control buttons make the Interactive Health Warm Percussion Foot Massage with Soothing Heat easy to control

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